King Garbage Writes Poetry

…and other things too!


King Garbage was born next to a dumpster, playing his trash for a pretty lass.

His eyes closed, he played out his heart and soul. His eyes opened, he realized the lass had left, embarrassed by the King’s trashy truth. He was truly sorry he had caused such a feeling of flustered fear for such a nice, kind person. But, he also knew he had songs in his heart that must be sung for the people he loved. So, he began his journey into dumpster diving across the country, spreading his message of trash ownership. With a broken guitar, a broken voice, and an always broken heart,┬áthe King went about reclaim what was rightfully his.

His logic, “If you are going to be a piece of trash, own that garbage.”

Now he has expanded into writing and painting as well. So…..

You can hear his pretty voice here:

See pretty pictures he’s taken here:

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….The King would appreciate it greatly if you did.