Good poetry
is like a symphony.

It takes you on a
roller coaster ride
through the emotions
of your mind.

It nervously launches you up.
Lets you perch atop
all your fears
and frustrations.

It keeps you there for a moment
that feels like a lifetime.

And now you are higher than you’ve
ever been.

You’ve conquered your fears.
And now you’re here,
sitting atop a mountain
of man-made possibilities.

You let go
of control.

Shoot straight down,
spiral out of control.

You feel like you’re going to
veer of the tracks,
veer off the path and


But before you do,
the ride picks you back up
and uses the momentum
of your journey
to twist and turn
and follow a path
that seems illogical,

But it’s not.

You’re upside down,
but physics are on your side.

The ride still has low points.

It always will.

But physics are on your side.
Like a good poem
or a symphony
that crescendos
at the right moment
to let you know
you’re alive
and still breathing
and your feelings
have meaning.

Because, why else
would you risk certain doom?

A life of poetic poverty
if the flowers didn’t bloom?

Write a symphony
if the flowers didn’t die?

Ride a roller coaster
just to know you’re alive
and happy
and joyous
and sad
and suicidal
depressed beyond belief?

Why else would you ride alone,
if not to contain your grief?

You’re a poet,
a conductor,
an engineer.

There’s a reason you’re here.

To write one good poem
that resonates with the ear
of another
on the same ride
who shares similar fears
but has no words to describe
how they feel alone on this ride

I was always told to
avoid cliches
if I wanted my writing
to resonate.

But we understand cliches
better than a thousand
clustered metaphors.

Life is a roller coaster ride.

You know what for.