It has been said

without a truth

your soul is already


To that I say,


Why should my soul have to die?

Because I have not found a truth yet?

Why should I suffer loss of mortality?

because I have not discovered

my own reality?

I have been on a journey

for 18 yrs.

And you’re trying to say

it’s pointless.

All my tears and my fears,


Because you see

tears mean nothing

without a reality

and fear is pointless

with no soul.

With no soul

you need no fear

and have no need to grow.

If that’s the case

I say


I have no soul.

Because to you

and your logic

that means

I don’t need to grow

and that means I can live forever.

Young and strong.

 Mixed with a lack of fear

I embrace being the soulless one.

So you can take your

fucked up philosophies

and your definitions

on human realities

and shove them up your ass.

I am the soulless one.

free, free at last.