…except, not everybody does.

Your as blind as a pig
throwing a typhoonish tycoon
of a fit.

When Chasm of Czar played
an image was displayed
that showed,
amongst other shit,
a rich man in modern times
accused of sexual harassment,
unwanted advancements.

A story as complex
as finding The
Brewhouse in Fitger’s

So I wrote a
spoken word poem
instead of an essay
or expose.

Because even though
I don’t believe in
throwing someone under
the bus
It’s clear to me,
based on what I read,
the hypocrisy
and creep factor
is way up high
on you, guy.

But being a hypocritical creep
ain’t no crime,
unless it crosses a line.

Which it seemed it did
several times
as documented by UMD.

Punishment fit the crime?
I don’t know.

But I do know this,
you can’t silence or censor

YOU can’t stop that s***.
YOU can’t spin that s***.

YOU can address that shit,
change your ways,
do your penance,
maybe accept some grace

and humility

and let others speak,
because you can’t
hide from your past.

But you can let it be,
accept responsibility,
not silence the art.

And, no,
I don’t think
it was smart

to write an honest response of a poem,
from the heart,
on a story better left
to journalists,
other artists,
real poets.

my page is a space
where ideas fly free

First Amendment rights,
no lie,
trump your ego
every time.

You see
you might not like
what others have to say,
but you’ve have to
swallow your pride
and let them speak anyway.

And that’s all I got to say.

This ain’t no expose,
or essay,
or profile piece
seeking to assassinate
the public image
of a person
I’ll probably never meet.

It’s just a poem.

No reason to freak.

Just like you did on that unflattering image
depicting you
from which I speak.

Don’t like what they got to say?

Then cast that Rod
a different way


For further reading: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/life/health/2289692-report-recommended-umd-instructor-rod-raymond-be-fired