Cleanliness is the dirt not under your nail.

It’s the mud you rubbed clean, hoping no one would dig dip enough into the soil to see your fingers tips had been dragging through the wet, mushy earth and across the linoleum tiles of your kitchen clean life.
Cleanliness is the lie you tell yourself to convince yourself all is well.

Who is this ‘All’?

Why are they well?

And what do they have to say about the state of your conscience as you come clean about your own dirt?

I don’t know.

All I know is cleanliness is next to godliness and you’re a pigpen mess of dust and dirt and mold and mildew.

I fear that though there is no dirt underneath your nails, the rest of you is quite filthy.

But what kind of trashy mystery lies underneath the unclean, uncouth, uncanny garbage enigma of you?

Uncertainty is all I got for you.

You’ll have to answer these questions for yourself.
I barely got answers for me.
Because I’m not a mystery.
I’m not an enigma.
I’m just a human being fixing to do better.
And Honestly, I’m all about honesty.

Call me ‘The Trash Collector’.