1.Bread shall be 99 cents.
2. Every Tuesday will be Tequila Tuesday.
3. We’re gonna build a bridge. It’s gonna be a big bridge. It’s gonna connect the whole world; and all the various continents. Then, we’re gonna flip it on it’s side to keep everyone out.

It’ll be tremendous.

4. Everybody gets a dollar. You get a dollar! And you get a dollar! And YOU get a dollar!

Everybody gets a dollar!

5. It shall be the policy of the Supreme Overlord that anyone caught smoking grass, dope, weed, Mary Jane, giggle sticks, or any of them other street names that the good green leaf goes by, they shall be forced to reconcile with the deep emotional pains of their past that led them to a path were a few puffs helps them deal in ways that can’t be explained on a page or dictated by a supreme leader.

6. Dancing is forbidden! Except on Tequila Tuesday.

7. Spacing shall be limited; and sitting shall be optional.

8.  Christopher Columbus Day shall henceforth be known as Christopher Walken Day.

9. No more hidden fees on anything.  Just tell me what it’s gonna cost so I can make a decision.

10. Dancing is unforbidden.