When I’ve had a few too many
I start demanding things like:

a bed to sleep,
someone to hold.

But, I know, the last one comes
when I don’t demand it.

I will die alone, this I know,
because I like to
dance and drink


But, I’m also hung-over
and upset
at this splitting headache
I received
from drinking and dancing

all night long

as people treated me as an equal,
gave me love,
and talked to me with respect.

Afterwards, I ate some food
and slept in a rented room.

I am not alone.

Well, I am.
I mean, no one slept next to me.

But I’m surrounded by
all these Good People
that help me check my Ego
and help me realize the
difference between
wants and needs.

I needed to unwind
and have a few too many.

I want someone to hold.