Dear Mister,

I dig your Sister.
But I’m a shallow boy,

that’s why I resist her.

Lone wolf,
I know,
I’m not perfect.

Can’t seem to give the right gift,
to let her know
how this heart lives.

so I stray for a minute
then I go.

So, I’m a dog.
God in reverse.
Which makes me the devil
and this devil hurts
because he’s a fallen
piece of shit
who yearns to know love
he can’t get.

So he sits
and meditates.

Switches pronouns
like a mental case.

And when the coffee’s gone
he’ll move along
to the motion
of his swan song.

But he just don’t know
where to go
where this poem
ends or
where it goes.

He’s just a lone wolf,
a dog,
the devil in disguise,
spreading the truth
in spite of the lies.
And one day,
he (I) hope to realize
The Truth in Her Brown Eyes.


The Resister