So, check this out
if you can.

Suicide Prevention
is part of my plan.

It’s a burden on my back
that I placed there
when I was 12
and thought about ending it
right there.

Is the age exact?
Is my timing just right?

No, but people are hurting
so I got to fight.

And I cry, a bit too much,
because I’m hurting
from the pain you clutch.

And I try, a bit too hard,
because I don’t know
how to start.

I just know
I got to move
and get to You


That’s all I wrote

Holy Cow!

These words though,
they don’t end
because 150 of em
can’t comprehend

the pain we both
as we try to

with all the hurt,
with all the pain,
of 7 billion people
doing their own thing.

I’ll reach out
when I can.

If I can’t,
call a friend.