Aayla Secura
was on Felucia
fighting alongside
Clones who Killed Her.
When Order 66 was given
it told them
she had to die.

So, this is how
democracy dies,
with thunderous applause.

I feel your pain Senator Amidala,
I  just wish I could feel
the Cause.

Cuz the Revenge of the Sith
I’m constantly dealing with.

As I impatiently wait for the Return of
the Jedi,

A New Hope tells me
I’ll get by.

And when the Empire Strike Back
I hope I’ll be ready
to defend the Blue Twi’lek
at a pace that is steady.

I wasn’t.
I couldn’t
feel the Force.

Because a thousand other Fools
told me to ignore
what I felt inside.

They told me to hide.

So I hid and I wept,
as Aayla Secura bled.

Never again.
Never again.

Because this Star Wars
metaphor goes way beyond wordplay.

It’s about not rising to Defend
those who are hurting.

Wake up Folk.
Wake up and put down
your Ego.

Because while you’re busy
being a padawan at play,
Knights and Masters
are defending everything
you hold dear.

Oh dear, I think I might’ve
offended you. But Aayla
Secura is dead.

What are you going to do?