A friend and I had friendly banter about who was greater. The contest was between Bob Dylan and Patti Smith.

No Contest in my mind. Patti Smith Wins.

Ya see, Dylan had it easy. Yeah, he’s the ‘Voice of a Generation’ and a Nobel prize winner. His song-writing talent is superb and he gives me great Minnesota Pride. My argument isn’t Bob Dylan sucks. He’s epic. He’s a giant. He’s sold more records and had more music hit the charts.

My argument is Patti Smith took on a giant task. Because Folk music existed before Bob Dylan. Folk music was already there. He picked up where the others giants left off. But Patti, she’s the ‘Godmother of Punk’. She helped raise, direct, nurture, protect, and guide Baby Punk as it grew. All she had was herself and the other honorary Punks who were doing something new and different. She gave her energy, her spirit, her poetry, and prose to people who still don’t appreciate her fully.

She was, and is, a woman in a man’s world, showing the boys that girls can rock too.

Her words enchant me, inspire me, help me paint, make me feel like I can do something great. And Bob Dylan is great. But, he doesn’t do it for me like Patti does.

So yeah, Patti Smith wins. But it ain’t no contest or competition to begin. Because just like the person whom I was conversing, she and Dylan are friends.

Ya dig?