“Seek first to understand
and then to be understood.” –Sen. Tim Scott

Poor Mouse
in the House.

You choose poorly
a place to roost, or rest,
in a non-aviary fashion.

It’s cold outside
And you must exist
so you seek
a warm attic.

But attic not warm
and down below
a Giant sleeps
and weeps and bellows.

His life he seeks to understand
and be understood.
And he cannot stand
Your turds on his kitchen wood

70’s style tile on top
Covers up a rustic past
that reminds The Giant of when
from your shit
killed his kind in numbers.

History. He seeks to understand.
Then be understood.

So, listen
Don’t shit in his kitchen
and he’ll leave you well alone.

Stay through winter.
Then spring, he advises
That you go on home.

This is the Mouse that shit
in The Giant’s kitchen
peace poem.