Stop attacking your allies.

Stop pointing your fingers and making accusations.

Stop living in fear.

Start fighting for what you believe in.

Get fucking organized. Create a coalition. Come together with love. Because, right now, more than ever, we need to unite. We need to fight. We need to stop quarreling amongst ourselves and figure what we can do together. We need to figure how to stand strong. We need to realize that fault doesn’t reside with anyone except ourselves.

Clinton supporters couldn’t make a solid case for her, except for that she wasn’t Trump. And even Bernie Sanders could offer no better case than this.

Johnson supporters (myself included) foolishly thought the dissent this election would be much greater and that the establishment would break under the weight of this dissention. We were wrong. I was wrong.

Stein supporters barely made a fucking dent.

And Trump supporters were the loudest voices in the room. Turns out the loudest voices in the room had the greater turnout in the swing states.

We failed because  we spent so much time trying to stir up fear, fighting for all sorts of different things, that we forgot the power of love and its ability to unite us. We were fear-mongering when we should have been love-mongering. We should have sat down a year ago and figured what it was we needed to do to make sure love didn’t die. Instead, we buttoned our lips and kept our heads down, afraid our differences would cause us to splinter and fracture. We splintered and fractured anyway.

Never again.

Now, the real fight begins.

And we will not be afraid. We will become the loudest voices in the room. We will become the outsiders. We will fight our way back in. We will not allow the disenfranchised to lose a single foot of ground gained. We will stand by each other and unite behind progress and love. We will not let fear divide us anymore. We will be strong.

Fear is what got us here.

Love is what will get us to where we need to go.

We will tear down the wall.