Gorilla lonely.

Gorilla no date. Not in long time. Gorilla have no game. Socially awkward and anxious is the Silverback King of Mountains. Saw pretty cat the other day. She gave eye and purred. But Gorilla avert gaze and look dead ahead. Knuckles drag on sidewalk cement. Great ape heart pound like Jack Rabbit’s feet when chased by danger.

Me hope you aren’t sort offended at notion of interspecies dating.

But really, Gorilla don’t give frick.

What you think it is when Gorilla make out with human? No one bat eye. But sixty years ago, same fight against intergenus relationships.  Too bad many don’t see relation between interspecies and intergenus relations.  Division keep us separate. But some need get with times. Not like Gorilla can go to zoo and pick up female gorilla. That messed up. They slaves and not know it. No one tell them gorillas grow too. Grow in mind. Grow in speech. Grow in thought. Maybe me should tell them. But me never know what to say.

That why me lonely.

Gorilla miss Miranda. Maybe call her.

Tomorrow. Me call tomorrow.